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Relax by Getting Massage and Spa Treatments with Us Today

At Delatorre Day Spa in Fairhope, Alabama, we channel more than 30 years of experience and expertise to provide you with the therapeutic and relaxation massage that your body needs.

"The Hour Plus Pampering Package", $85  ($335 value!)

Experience the "Delatorre Technique" that lasts an hour plus, from start to finish. Our spa is widely known for this unique package. The service starts with a European facial where we use hypoallergenic products suitable for all skin types.  This package also comes with deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy massage. Along with this, you also get treated to Swedish and sport massage.

Revitalizing Spa Treatments

The pampering continues with spa treatments for your back. We rejuvenate the  with a pomegranate exfoliation scrubs and an organic body wrap that has crushed rose petals mixed with a clay base that is painted on with a soft brush. Hot stone therapy is conducted throughout the treatment. This is followed by the hot stone and hydrotherapy procedure where we use layers of hot Turkish towels on all areas of your body from head to toe. We cap the session with a reflexology massage on your hands and feet using European moisturizers made from the Verbena flower.

Wellness for the Mind, Body, and Soul

The beneficial combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques we follow allow the mind and body to achieve proper equilibrium. When physical and mental balance takes place, that's when you achieve the soulful connection between work and life.

Massage that Suits and Soothes You

For only $85, "The Hour Plus Pampering Package" includes everything listed below.
This is what is included:

» Hydrotherapy $35.00 {Included}
» Therapeutic Massage $85 {Included}

» Spa Treatments for the Back $45 {Included}
» Hot Stone Therapy $125 {Included}

» European Facials $45.00 {Included}
» Reflexology for the Hands and Feet {Included}

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Welcome, Groups 2 up to 4 - $110 Per Person
Gratuity and Gourmet Lunch Included

Food and Drinks Included

For two or more people coming together the price is $110 per person gratuity fees, gourmet lunch, and drinks included. 

Couples Massage Services

Massage teaching lessons for couples are also available for $285.  (Includes gratuity fees, dinner, and flowers.)  We offer couples the option to get services for teaching or back-to-back services for only $110 each.

The Perfect Gift Idea

Give away gift certificates as presents to friends and loved ones. Gift certificates cost $85 each (gratuity not included) and can be bought online or purchased at our day spa. For two up to four people coming together for $110 per person (gratuity and gourmet lunch included.)

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